January Musings with Rachel Bakewell

Welcome to January musings with Rachel Bakewell.
This is the first in our new series of conversations with inspiring voices from the creative world and we couldn't be more delighted to have the endlessly stylish Rachel up first. 
What do you do to feel motivated creatively or otherwise?
I love to do yoga and afterwards I always feel so energised, that my mind works on a better level and everything feels clearer. Grounding myself makes space for me to feel at my most creative, especially with two children and a career to juggle, it's really important to have an outlet to destress, so if not yoga then a sea air walk is always amazing and always with a coffee. We moved to the sea during lock down which was extremely liberating.
I love to make mood boards and pin things that inspire me, creating new ideas and making goals for the months ahead. My Inspiration can come from Pinterest, archive magazines and also watching old movies with amazing stying references. Art is also very present in my life and I am inspired by so many artists.
Inspiration is everywhere for me; art, travel, my children, my husband who is a photographer and just being around positive people, these things all motivate me.
What’s making you tick right now, is there something new you’ve discovered you can tell us about?  
Travel - I love seeing new places and have a real itch to travel this year and have more adventures. We went on our honeymoon in December to Soneva fushi, it was so incredible it reminded me there is so much out there I still am yet to see and experience.
I am also very into beauty products lately and eating well! Lately I have been discovering  Dr Barbara SturmSusanne Kaufman and Amly. Amly sleep tight balm massaged into my face is pure heaven before bed. In fact, maybe that's January; lots of self care and re-grounding before Spring comes
How do you start your day, what does your morning routine look like?  
I get excited to wake up for my first coffee, love my coffee.  Then I always have breakfast with my two daughters before they go to school, unless I am working then I will be on my way to set, never without a take out coffee in hand ;)  
I also love to have a cold shower when I can brave it and then put on as many amazing creams as I can. I'm currently loving Barbara strum day creams and glow drops when I am on the go.

What’s your favourite thing about your job? Who or what inspired you to do what you do? 
I love the diversity of my job, never knowing week to week what’s coming in - means it's always an adventure. I love meeting new people and travelling to different places. Putting shoots together is like completing a jigsaw and the stress levels can be really intense but over all I feel so grateful that I genuinely love my job and can express my creativity through it .
What’s most exciting you about the upcoming year? 
I have some really exciting collaborations planned and some new things in my mind I would love to venture into. I am feeling really positive and ready to go.
Song that never fails to lift your mood? 
Golden Brown by the Stranglers.
What is your favourite possession and the story behind it? 
My favourite possession...? Every time I look at my Simone Rocha wedding crown it brings back memories of one of my happiest days; surrounded by my friends and family in Tuscany at my wedding last year. So it would be that, or the ring my husband proposed with in Dublin. Both are super precious to me.
If you could visit anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? 
I would go to Tahiti, I think it just looks like a complete dream although Sicily is also up there on my dream list...
And finally...how would you style our navy hand knit cardigan?
I adore this knit...I would style it over one of my many dresses with ribbed tights and Mary Jane heels.