Soul Adventures 40 Day Yoga Retreat
Soul Adventures 40 Day Yoga Retreat

Soul Adventures 40 Day Yoga Retreat

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The Essential Guide for Soul Adventurers: A 40 Day Journey to Joy is an exquisite, limited edition, transformational at home Kundalini Yoga Retreat available as a luxury video book with daily journal space to start and complete at any time and to be enjoyed at your own pace.

Kundalini is a yoga like no other, a yoga for the mind more so than the body. It really does give you the strength and love we all often feel we need but never do for ourselves. Transport yourself to the shores of Ibiza with this 40 day at home retreat which can be done in your own time. With daily check ins, meditations and classes coming in at just over £4 per day, it's the perfect investment for you or somebody who needs a little love in these testing times. 


  • 40 daily Kundalini Meditations, Yoga Classes, Kriyas and Playlists accessed by a QR code

  • Deeply healing meditations

  • Life hacks to make you feel more vibrant

  • Lifetime access to all of the content

  • Stunning photography of inspirational destinations in Ibiza and worldwide

  • Access to weekly LIVE online healing circles with Trish Whelan